October 13, 2010

Keburukan UMNO semakin terserlah


 Bloggers pro UMNO sudah pukul gendang perang terhadap pemimpin UMNO yang berlagak sombong.

Ini adalah sedikit petikan luahan hati yang kecewa dari bloggers yang pro UMNO

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloggers! Stay away from Rais, Galas and Batu Sapi!

After reading Rockybru, Outsyed the Box, House PK and Big Dog about Rais Yatim and his police report against Rocky, I came to understand that this minister is untouchable. He is more than a king who controls and dictates others to the extreme. He practices corporate and legalistic entity.

Being the first minister to lodge a police report against a blogger, he is tearing apart the close collaboration given by this group of top bloggers to the government. Even Rais has plunged himself deep into trouble.

Much has been said about him since the last general election. Some accused him of mobilising the ministry's staffs and vehicles to assist his campaigns. I dont know how true was it but some people at the Istana Budaya and his former ministry told me. I am also not sure whether it was the right thing for him to do.

And this police report shouldnt be made in the first place. He could have at least summon Rocky to his office for clarification. I met his DG Datuk Tiger at the Sultan Abdul Samad building around 5pm yesterday. As Rais was also there, I did ask Tiger whether I could see the minister for a few minutes. I guess Tiger tried but Rais was in a furious state. So, I had the answer for his reaction over Bru's posting (here).

But still, I cant believe he would lodge a police report. What ministers or politicians normally do is to issue a statement of denial or requesting an apology from the writer. We are talking about pro-government bloggers here, who are suppose to work hand in hand with Rais' ministry.

If he didnt lucre from the dealings with MCMC, why cant he just deny it? But he chose to complicate the matters.

And as such, I would like to call on all pro-government bloggers to stay away from Galas and Batu Sapi. Let Rais and his officials attend to it. Let him proof that the ruling party can withstand the pro-Opposition bloggers onslaughts, and that he is the king and key to BN's victory.

I believe he has forgotten the role of pro-BN bloggers in the previous 11 by-elections, how most of us had voluntarily entered the campaigns, working hard to woo the voters and spent our own money to help the ruling party. Yes, we won some, we lost some but when Prime Minister, his deputy and other ministers recognise the importance of blogs, Rais is putting up a fight with us.

So, let him be another Hishammuddin Hussein who treats pro-government bloggers like dirt. Let's watch Rais and people like Hisham in the next general election...

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